BScheduler is a customizable and intuitive scheduling solution

Optimize your workforce, reduce administrative overhead and improve employee and customer experiences.
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BScheduler is an indispensible tool for today’s businesses

An advanced web scheduling application that enhances collaboration and coordination for businesses. BScheduler enables seamless appointment scheduling for customers through a customizable user-friendly interface.
  • Reduces time to schedule to less than 30 seconds
  • Sends automated customer reminders to 
dramatically reduce costly “no shows”
  • Operates with high availability and minimal maintenance
  • Seamless setup and onboarding
  • Generates a rapid ROI with a low subscription cost

A feature rich, easy-to-use scheduling solution for your industry

Flexible appointment scheduling

appointment scheduling

  • Create custom calendar views by operational hours
  • View client scheduling history by date
  • Easily set recurring appointments by client and service type
Privacy and security

Easy to use with your 
current products

  • SSO (single sign on)
  • Auto sync with Office365
  • Don’t use Office365? Connect users with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using OpenID Connect
Tailored appointment styling

appointment styling

  • View appointments by day, week or month in a customizable timeline similar to Outlook
  • Color code and label appointments to quickly visualize your businesses' schedule
Custom Integrations

Custom integrations

Automate the process of populating, retrieving, and maintaining users with a seamless integration into BScheduler. Current integrations with BScheduler include:
Brightree logoKarmak logoHubspot logo
Flexible appointment scheduling

Customizable interface

  • Coordinate with various employee roles across multiple locations
  • Work efficiently and effectively in
real time
Privacy and security

privacy and security

  • HIPAA compliant for the healthcare industry to ensure your clients and customers privacy
  • Role level security allowing employees to access data based on assigned settings

Customized by industry

Scheduling workflows customized to the needs of your industry. The industries we currently serve:
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy-duty trucking/automotive
  • Manufacturing
Responsive Design

responsive design

Customizable, responsive interface that works across multiple devices, including:
  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

Learn why BScheduler customers love our scheduling tool.

I was really impressed by BlueTread’s high level of professionalism. A lot of companies that I’ve worked with in the past have a high level of skill, but really lack in their communication to bring about the execution and alignment.

Will Curryerr
Director of Operations

Working with BScheduler has been a very positive experience. I appreciate this program immensely, it does not freeze up or crash like my old program, which keeps me from losing data. It allows me to see our customer's complete history, every appointment and interaction is viewable. I would highly recommend BScheduler to anyone who is looking to upgrade their scheduling program.

Jennifer Atkinson
Customer Service Rep
My Shower Door

The speed of completing the entire appointment was slashed dramatically using BScheduler. With the Brightree scheduler it took 10-15 seconds to change the date or other field data. Now it’s immediate. We would need to add a FTE if BlueTread’s BScheduler was not installed.

Holly Schutts
Chief Admin Officer

BlueTread’s BScheduler is ten times faster. Appointments are made in less than one minute, the majority are made in thirty seconds.

Text patient reminder to patient mobile number has reduced “No Shows” and increased patient satisfaction.

Sharon Thompson
Wright Filippis

There are other scheduling solutions in the heavy equipment industry, but often they are overkill, bogged down by unnecessary capabilities, and not well integrated with our ERP. BScheduler is the “Goldilocks” solution, just right!  Upon implementation it saved over 750-man hours of manual entry each and every month.

Paul Turek
Director of IT
Betts Company

There were multiple meetings where the BlueTread team dug into our business. It got to the point where they understood our workflow so well, they probably worked for us.

Megan Brown
PNW Operations Manager